Sessions are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Principles to bring your entire “Being” into Balance.

Singles Sessions for the Element out of balance, Seasonal Sessions for the Season we are currently in, or Purchase a Series for Complete Body Balancing.

Working on the Meridian Pathways, and the Energy Centers – enveloping your entire energy system.

Energy Reading

Release yourself from old beliefs, moldy thoughts or feelings, along with deeply rooted patterns that are keeping you tired, stuck or even blocked. Utilizing Intuition to assist you in your own innate gifts for healing and manifesting, on the Elemental Highway, Imagination Gateway, Power Pathway and the Portal to the Divine. Directing her Clairvoyant (Vision), Clairaudient (Hearing) and Kinesthetic (Sensing) to tune into what ails you. Trained in Shamanism and healing, to assist you in deciding how to make practical changes to achieve your hearts desires.

Selextreme – Fire, 22oz.

Selextreme is a natural exfoliant for face and body. Composed of micronized mountain salt harvested from with the mountains and infused with premium grade essential oils, Selextreme can be used in shower or bath to regenerate the skin and spirit.

With lavender essential oil to regenerate, rosemary essential oil to revitalize, and ylang-ylang essential oil to calm.

Tap into Your Inner Power

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