Zen Massage BIO (organic certified) Oil

Calming, Relaxing, Light Antidepressant, Anxiolytic, Anti-Irritant, Anti-inflammatory, Antilipolytic (fat decomposition), Antioxidant (anti-age)

Zen Massage Oil is recommended for cases of stress, anxiety or nervousness. It calms and relaxes both physically and mentally. It induces good mood, concentration, self-confidence and well-being.

PHYTO5 massage oils do not stain sheets or clothing and can be used as a moisturizer for various climates.


Unique Ingredients in Zen Massage Oil:

Sunflower essential oil: A premium-grade essential oil, sunflower is very rich in essential unsaturated fatty acids (more than 85%) and vitamins E and F. Well known for its nourishing, soothing and revitalizing properties, sunflower essential oil penetrates easily because its composition is very similar to the body’s natural sebum.

Avocado oil: Rich in omega fatty acids 6 and 9 as well as proteins, minerals and vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, H, K and PP), avocado oil is moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and revitalizing and exceptiona for healing, nourishing skincare.

Squalane (not to be confused with Squalene): A 100% saturated oil and extremely stable, this natural, organic compound is derived from olive and one of the most effective oils age-defying skin treatment agents. Very light and non-greasy, it moisturizes, revitalizes and protects and is recommended for all skin types. It is antibacterial and rich in antioxidants. It naturally locks in moisture, revitalizes the skin by promoting healthy cell growth, softens and smoothes and prevents the formation of age spots.

Grapefruit essential oil: This oil is beneficial in treating stiffness and muscle cramps. It helps to improve lymphatic circulation thereby assisting with detoxification. Excellent for rheumatism and arthritis, grapefruit essential oil also helps to keep the skin clean and is very good for treating oily skin and acne, providing a sense of refreshment. It’s a good “pick-me-up” and tension reliever with an uplifting fragrance.

Sweet orange essential oil: This is an oil known for its calming, mood enhancing, anti-anxiety, anti-irritating, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It is immune-boosting, improves complexion, lessens wrinkles, increases circulation and reduces muscle, bone and joint pain.

Guaiac wood essential oil: Wild guaiac oil is known for its distinctive wonderful fragrance and is a powerful anti-inflammatory and venous and lymphatic decongestant. It is helpful for providing relief from arthritis and rheumatism as it calms and relaxes.

Ylang ylang essential oil: A calming, sedative, aphrodisiacal oil, ylang-ylang assists as an antidepressant and helps maintain a good temper. It is an excellent skin and hair tonic.

Vitamin E: The main antioxidant of Chi Yang, it prevents oils from going rancid and helps to safeguard cells against free radical damage which causes aging and protects against environmental stressors. It is also an effective anti-inflammatory.

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