Heart Chakra ~ Balancing Essential Oil Blend

With Essential Oils of Rose, Neroli, Melissa, Lavender, Blue Tansy and Fractionated Coconut Oil


The Fourth Chakra is the Center of the 7 in Body energy centers, with 3 below and 3 above. This is where the Physical and the Spiritual meet. The fourth center, also referred to as the Heart Chakra, is located at the center of the chest and includes the heart, cardiac plexus, lungs and breasts. It also rules the lymphatic system. Anahata, the Sanskirt word for the fourth center means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” The name implies that beneath the pain, hurts and grievances of the past experiences lies a pure and spiritual place where no hurt exists.

When your heart center is open, you are flowing with love and compassion, you are quick to forgive, and you accept other and yourself. A closed heart chakra can give way to grief, anger, jealousy, fear of betrayal, and hatred toward yourself and others.

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