Earth Millet Day Cream

Hydrating and energetic protection with antioxidant properties.
For skin that has acne, toxicity and enlarged pores.


Superbly Harmonizing Ingredients

Ceresal Millet Earth Cream is to be applied generally during the day to balance the ill effects of the periods between the four energetic seasons of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter and to address all Earth conditions such as blemishes, acne, toxicity and enlarged pores.

The Ceresal day creams protect the skin from the challenging weather conditions and effects of each of the five seasons:

1. Wind from the Spring energetic season of Wood;
2. Heat from the Summer energetic season of Fire;
3. Humidity from the “between” energetic seasons of Earth;
4. Dryness from the Fall energetic season of Metal;
5. Coldness from the Winter energetic season of Water.

They are very rich in natural moisturizing and anti-age actives from cereals and vitamins and provide the skin with seasonal nourishment.

The following ingredients are used primarily for their energetic qualities, however they also have specific topical properties as follows:

Unique ingredients are:

Millet extract: The millet seed soothes, nourishes, stimulates and revitalizes the skin. It is also an emollient.

Aloe: The resin from this succulent plant acts directly on the collagen fibers, fostering and revitalizing the skin’s elasticity. It contains complex polysaccharides that encourage water retention and lends excellent moisturizing properties. It is used in the treatment of dermatitis because it soothes the pain and heals infections.

Verbena oil: The oil pressed from the herbaceous verbena plant is anti-inflammatory, sedative and relaxant. It soothes wounded skin.

Rosemary extract: This extract is a preservative and an antioxidant. With anti-age properties, it is known as a free radical scavenger.

Vitamin E: The main antioxidant of the organism, it protects cells against free radicals and prevents oils from going rancid.

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