A holistic approach to health and beauty, this Swiss based skin care program is founded on the Method and Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Known as the five element theory.

Made in Switzerland, the skincare line abounds with natural ingredients such as clay, algae, plankton, trace minerals and essential oils. These face, scalp and body products were created with a unique philosophy in mind- that as they soothe and renew bodies, they must also rebalance and replenish our inner flow of energy, because the body is not made up of matter alone, but matter and vital energy.

Phyto 5 products are based on the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. They are designed to restore and maintain the body’s Holistic Balance of Nature. Phyto 5 includes 5 mini lines corresponding to each group of skin conditions. They also are in harmony with the energy of each energetic season.

The Program:

As a trained PhytoBioDermie professional, I will evaluate your skin condition, body shape and even your Chinese BioRhythm to select the products and treatments best suited for you. Treating the whole you is my goal. Visible skin problems, such as: acne, wrinkles, dry skin, sensitive, skin lacking tone and cellulite, are targeted along with reflex zones, meridians and acupressure points, and the chakras as well. When the natural flow of energy is out of balance, you look older, feel dragged out and skin problems result. I will be able to identify the energetic cause of the esthetic problem, so that you not only look better, but feel better too.

The program and the product utilize the use of Lymphatic Drainage ( Stimulation of the 5 fluids), Colored Light Therapy ( Chromotherapy), And Acupressure vibrations for all over face and body balancing.

Wood is the season of the “Energetic Spring” it occurs each year between February 4th through April 17th. – it is the expansion of yang energy, Morning. The organs associated with wood energy are Liver and Gallbladder. 
When incorporating colored light we work on energy circulation.
 An energetic imbalance of wood energy is hyper pigmentation, oily skin, and blackheads. Associated on the body with saddlebags.

In Balance

    • Beginnings
    • Lean body, home
    • Elimination, exercise
    • Garden, greens, sprouts

Creativity, enthusiasm, implementing idea’s


  • Still the same old stuff
  • Excess
  • Congestion, laziness, weeds
  • Drugs, Anger
  • Over eating

The body of a person associated with the Wood element typically has wide shoulders; musculature, is well-developed. The eyes are large with a prominent brow. The skin tends to wrinkle early in life. Organ vulnerability relates to Liver, Gallbladder, and the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. The finger joints of the hands are knotted; palms and fingers are deeply lined. Persons of Wood constitution may have a wavering concentration and weak memory. Too many projects are often begun. Movement, both physical and mental, is evident. There is often an overly enthusiastic optimism about life, to the point of nervousness. Woody Allen typifies the classic Yin Wood Characteristics.; Salvador Dali epitomizes the Yang Wood Character Type.

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Wood:

    • Day Cream – Wheat $69
      This regenerating day cream protects, balances oil production, leaving the skin with a clear, matte finish.
    • Yogi Body Gel $66
      Promotes energy, enhances blood circulation. Warming for mature skin. Also used in treatment of cellulite.

Fire is the season of “Energetic Summer”, which occurs May 5th- July 19th, peak of yang energy and the low point of yin energy, Midday. The organs associated with fire energy are heart and small intestine.

 When incorporating colored light we work on red blood circulation.

An energetic imbalance of fire energy is sensitive skin, redness, couporose, red capillaries. Associated with heavy chest. The heart regulates blood circulation, when there is good circulation you have healthy looking skin.

In Balance

  • Lots of sun and fun
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Sweat it out
  • Swimming, trimming at the beach, eating light


  • Hiding inside, shy
  • Afraid to play
  • Over serious
  • Over eating
  • Fainthearted

Persons associated with the Fire element typify organ vulnerability correlating with the heart as spirit, and the small intestine. The body appears agile; hands long, the fingers slender. The temperament of the Fire Person constitution is active, sometimes rebellious and successful. This person usually has considerable intelligence, a remarkable accurate memory. The classic Yang Fire personality is Auntie Maine; the classic Yin Fire personality is Don Knotts.

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Fire:

    • Fire Toner $46
      A mild, non alcohol tonic. Ideal during the Summer Season
    • Day Cream – Corn $69
      A light moisturizer, specially formulated for the Summer Season. The skin feels cool and has a healthy skin tone.
    • Phyt’Ether Red $72
      Essential oils for sensitive skin with redness and couperose.

      Fire Red Clay Mask $62
      Red clay with essential oils recommended for sensitive, red skin and couperose conditions.

Earth is the season of late harvest and transformation. It is a balance of yin and yang energy and comes before the energy change of each season. – It happens 4 times per year; Jan. 17th – Feb. 3rd., April 17th – May 5th, July 20th – Aug. 7th and Oct. 20th – Nov. 7th. It follows fire in the five elements. The organs associated with Earth are Spleen and Stomach. It is the Afternoon.

 When working with colored light we work on Lymphatic Circulation.
 An energetic imbalance of Earth Energy is skin that becomes toxic, acne, and enlarged pores. Associated with the Heavy upper stomach on the body.

In Balance

  • Adaptability
  • Relaxation
  • Breathing deep
  • Balanced intake
  • Preparation, faith


    • Resisting change
    • Drugs
    • Shallow breathing
    • Nervous eating
    • Apprehension

The body of a person associated with the Earth element is characterized by being round and fleshy; the face, round. The hands are large and thick, with the pa,s taking on the form of a square. Organ vulnerability typically involves the spleen, pancreas and stomach. A tropism for, or against, sweets exists. The Yin type has a tendency to autoimmune disorders. A general optimism about life prevails (the typical bon vivant). Among well-known personalities, Orson Wells embodies the Yang Earth Type. Felix Unger, made famous in “The Odd Couple,” embodies the Yin Earth type.

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Earth:

      • EARTH Toner $46
        A mild, non alcohol tonic. Ideal during the transition period between Season

Metal is the season of fall, or “Energetic Autumn”, contracting of yang energy and the growing of yin energy. Occurs each year between August 8th – October 19th. End of Day. The organs associated with Metal are Lungs and Large Intestine.

When working with colored light we work on blue blood or venous circulation. 

An energetic imbalance of Metal energy is congested skin, dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Skin has an appearance of dull white complexion, and lack of mineralization and oxygenation. Associated with the lower abdomen and saggy arms.

In Balance

  • Consolidation
  • Communication
  • New disciplines, productive work
  • Study, clarity, care
  • Quiet walks
  • More rest


    • Indecision
    • Confusion
    • Over indulgence
    • Coffee, smoking
    • Obscurity
    • Fatigue

Morphologically, the Metal body type is characterized by having a long stature, a slightly hunched posture. It tends to be supple and agile. Pale skin condition is common. The surface of the body is especially sensitive to cold, turning pale and then, blue. The Metal constitution is associated with vulnerability of the lungs and large intestine. Calmness, with an inclination to reflection, is generally present. Typically, the Yin expression of these individuals is sad and pessimistic. Intellectually, this person tends toward exact observation, with a preference for analysis and abstraction. The classic Yin Metal personality is Sherlock Holmes; Gary Cooper personifies Yang Metal personality traits.

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Metal:

      • Metal White Clay Mask $62
        White clay with essential oils. Anti-inflammatory promotes increased oxygenation of asphyxiated or congested skin.
      • Yogi Metal Body Gel $66
        Diminishes swelling and (lymphatic congestion. Inhibits fluid retention in the legs. Recommended for tired feet.

Water is the season of “Energetic Winter”, the peak of yin energy and the low point of yang energy; and occurs each year between Nov. 8th – Jan. 16th., it is the evening. The organs associated with Water, are Kidney and Bladder.

 When working with colored light we work on water circulation.

 An energetic imbalance of Water energy is skin that lacks tone, deep wrinkles, water retention. Associated with heavy lower legs.

In Balance

  • Keep warm
  • Stay quiet
  • Sleep well
  • Be at home
  • Look within
  • Preserving-giving


    • Overactive
    • Late nights and parties
    • Lack of rest and sleep
    • Dissipation
    • Frustration
    • Hoarding

The body of a person associated with Water element tends to be erect, the head held high. Associated organ vulnerability is the kidneys, adrenal glands, reproductive organs, or urinary bladder. The hand is spatulate and short, the palm and fingers puffy and soft. Typically, the Yin Water person constitution is relatively frail with a variety of sensitivities. There is often a tropism for salt; a susceptibility to dust and mold allergies. Disinterest in life is not uncommon. Well-known personalities, demonstrating the Yin Water sets of traits, include Peter Lorre. The Yang Water character type is epitomized by General Patton.

The following products are recommended for the esthetic conditions related to Water:

      • Water Black Clay Mask $62
        Black marine silt with essential oils which possess hydrating and mineralizing qualities to promote good skin tone.
      • Yogi Water Body Gel $66
        A re-mineralizing black marine silt with essential oils which possess hydrating qualities and promotes good skin tone.

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