An Exclusive Philosophy in Natural Skincare

The Philosophy and formulations of the Phyto5 Skincare line is Unique in the World.

No other company offers such an incredibly holistic and time-honored system of skincare. Founded on an extensive and fully integrated approach with relevant and proven tools that deliver on its energetic premise.

When you understand the underlying energetic cause of your skin and body conditions, it becomes possible to harmonize the flow of vital energy. This is a pre-condition to wellness and authentic beauty can only result from the level of vitality and wellness achieved.


Energy of Light- An Added Dimension

The “energy of light” (light therapy or chroma-therapy) using various colors corresponding to different sets of frequencies (frequency ranges) is used to balance vital energy and to enhance the effects of PHYTO5® energetic skincare products.

PHYTO5® was awarded a Prize for Innovation at the Beauty Trade Show in Paris, France in April 1998 for its pioneering work with light-therapy, and in particular, the Chromalift facial, a non-invasive facelift therapy, using PHYTO5® equipment, offering visible results in as little as one to five sessions. Notice the Chromalift comparison photos just to the left.

Light Therapy

The Energy of Light
Also known as Chromatherapy, light therapy with different colors corresponding to different sets of frequencies (frequency ranges), is used to balance vital energy and to enhance the effects of PHYTO5® energetic skincare products. PHYTO5® treatments are even more precise when we add light therapy.
When used with the Biodraineur, which assists in drainage or movement of the body’s five fluids by simulating a consistent palpating motion as in massage.

Some of the spa treatments performed with the PHYTO5® technology on both face and body are:

  • All skin conditions and anti-age treatments
  • Pre- and post-surgical operations
  • Holistic and non-invasive face-lifting
  • Work on acupuncture points, reflex zones, and chakras
  • Lymphatic drainage and energetic drainages
  • Slimming and contouring treatments

The equipment never produces any pain or unpleasant sensation. There are no invasive frequencies produced or transferred. No electric currents are used on your skin. The machines are fully holistic, energetic, and natural in the work they perform.


Three pieces of PHYTO5® award-winning proprietary equipment can each be used separately or in combination with other devices.

  • The Biodraineur (drainage machine): mechanically reproduces the gentle movement of a hand massage focused on moving energy and fluids;
  • The Chromapuncteur (light machine): offers energetic frequencies from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic waves, in harmony with the energies of each of the five elements, of the major energetic centers (chakras) and the five fluids of Traditional Chinese Method within the five elements.
  • The Biostimulateur: is a highly specialized piece of equipment used to work on points of acupuncture and reflex zones with pre-calibrated mechanical vibrations. The energy of light can also be added to the Biostimulateur for greater energetic effect and superior results.

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Holistically Designed, Energy Medicine Inclined, these Sessions Hold a Higher Grade to Balancing the Skin and the Body – nothing compares!

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Sessions are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Principles to bring your entire “Being” into Balance.

Singles Sessions for the Element out of balance, Seasonal Sessions for the Season we are currently in, or Purchase a Series for Complete Body Balancing.

Working on the Meridian Pathways, and the Energy Centers – enveloping your entire energy system. 

In energy medicine, aesthetic conditions are believed to result from an internal energy balance or imbalance. The five elements classify all possible skin conditions in five groups. 

Your skin condition, as well as your body shape, can also tell where there is an energetic lack, or excess, from any of the five elemental energies. Skin manifestations and their localization relative to the reflex zones give an indication of the energy, or energies, that are not balanced.

If your skin conditions stubbornly repeat after the symptoms have temporarily diminished, they point to a systematic energetic imbalance. See them as a telltale sign of the dominating energy affecting you. It will determine the likely direction of your aging process.

(Side Note: If you are interested in becoming a Phytobiodermie Professional Contact Tonya (at [email protected] ) to get you on your pathway.)

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