You’ve heard it all – “Energy work, Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Healing, Vibrational Medicine, Reiki” – these are becoming commonly known phrases.

We all know that we have a physical body with: Organs, Cells, Bones, Blood etc. However, Did you now we also have an Energy Body and it’s Organs, And that we rarely get in touch, or think about how we can know this part of ourselves just as well.

Getting in touch with the energy world can be a bit tricky. There are tricks and tips I will be delivering for you to get above the fog that emanates in the Physical world, Dis-Eases, Hiccups and a Belly Full of things. It’s really about “Getting the Memo,” and  “Climbing into your Skin and Getting out of your Toe.” I can assist you in Climbing into Your Skin.

Being a Healer sometimes isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. Digesting someones fragments, and yes – sometimes entities and curses isn’t all that great!

Because we all have them, Not always to that extreme of course, and wouldn’t it be nice to explore the unseen world, with a navigator such as myself, and visit those places deep inside of you? My Spirit Gifts empower me to be able to shift this energy. We often put our intuitive and psychic gifts in a treasure box. I want to assist you in exploring your own Vital Energy. What that means to you and Why that is important.

The energy world is actually a Quantum Field – seeing not just the energies themselves (Family, Dis-ease, Behavior, Relationships, etc.) but looking at the intersections of them. How they show up as burdens that keep you feeling heavy, blocked or even locked into negative patterns (Sometimes Known and Unknown).

I have been Sensitive to the Unseen World my entire life – been drawn to what I feel is “real” and is an essential part of everything. I have studied and trained with some phenomenal teachers. Through Visioning, I listen into and connect with that Unseen World.

Energy Hiccups come in many forms: significantly noticeable ones such as an accident, an abuse, a diagnosis, a relationship shift, a betrayal, a disaster, a loss, a cancer journey, an unexpected surgery –  anything that leaves you feeling as though the world around you is not what you thought it was.
Or as mild as even a surprising reaction of a close friend, and anywhere in between like a fight, a difficult repeating circumstance, family and inter-generational stories.

We experience these, and other MisSteps, in a variety of routines. Often, there are patterns involved – Patterns of: Thought, Behavior, Anxiety, Restlessness, Sadness, Fear, Shame and more.

Energy Healing + Energy Medicine

With the increase of scientific evidence and knowledge that proves that our bodies respond to how we think and feel. We as Energy Beings already know this to be true!!
Each session, a combination of energy healing with frequency-based energy medicine, can provide an uplift in each and every cell of the human body as the changes from energetic healing “land” for us.

This reading is particularly helpful for those that internalize and manifest physical illness that reflects the immediate “environmental” surroundings, particularly from the people close enough to have some form of influence, or relational charge, or can be from a distance source having similar effect.

An example of how we process other peoples energy signatures, may show up as physically, emotionally and mentally hyper-vigilance to the changes that occur in the world around us. If you tend to pick up a cold after over-sympathizing with a work colleague, or you find your body aches are mirroring those of a close friend, then the Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit Essence Session is designed for you.

I am a traveler of The Galactic Frontier, the Galaxy is an Open Corridor, via a Star – a Palace of Crystal through your Sacred Geometry that acts as a Portal to what ails you. I do most of my magic in the Realms of the unseen, the night sky,  on your behalf, with your permission, Following your Original Essence or Source –  Seeking Unity with your Innate Spirit, that which in a Sha-Medium language may be explained thru – Frequency Sound Signature, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, or more simply – Integration.

I will provide you the details of this journey as follow-up the next day. Payment is expected in advance to reserve not only my availability, as its also a commitment to your total Well-B’ing that can take anywhere from 6-10 hours or longer. I’ll see you on the Other Side 😉

Ashe’ (Ahhh-Shay – Blessings)

Tonya Dee

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Energy Sessions are designed to support you through your Energetic System (Centers, Pathways, and Fields) as you go about your daily life. A combination of a “standard” session – for your mind, spirit, body and soul – with a form of energy medicine, that also assists the Energetic System in a way that resonates more easily, integrating positive life giving energies.

In our every day lives, we are interacting with many influencers, both seen and unseen. Whether we realize it or not, these influencers create imbalance in various parts of our Energetic World, including the centers, fields, pathways and more. The “inherited” baggage contained in the vast store of information in our DNA, Epigenetics, even Ancestral – can also create havoc, without us even realizing it. Just one alone can create discomfort, overwhelm and even Dis-Ease.

A significant advantage of adding the Energy Medicine component is to support the body energetically. When our Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit are in alignment we are able to live our true purpose and achieve our potential.

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