#615 Manifestation

#615 Manifestation  This podcast episode will answer your juicy questions about manifestation. What is manifestation? It is when things take form from energy to matter, or spirit takes form. What are the symptoms that get in the way of manifesting? generally an energetic block, a mindset, a feeling belief, or an unseen force. Discover more …

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#612 The Heart Center

This OtherWorldly podcast episode is dedicated to our hearts. Our heart is genuinely our center of love and is the foundation of our environment. If our heart isn’t beaconing at its highest elevated frequency, it can collapse.  The Season of Summer is Elementally a Fire season. The organs associated with Elemental Fire are the small …

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#611 The Archangels of Gemini

This podcast episode is dedicated to the Archangels of the season of Gemini. There are two angelic beings of Gemini; Ambriel, and Zadkiel. They both rule the season of Gemini. These Angels bring attributes of communication, independence, forgiveness, and compassion.  Ambriel aids with communication, innovation, and independence. Encouraging us to use our inner potential to …

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