The Energy Body and Chakra’s

The seven colors that compose natural light also correspond to the energy of the seven major energetic centers of Ayurvedic medicine, or chakras.


In holistic living, we have already begun to think of the body as an energetic system:

  • Vital energy powers and directs the body.
  • Vital energy sources include ancestral energy from our parents and energy transformed in our bodies from the air we breathe and the food we eat.
  • We are also subjected to the energies of our environment from:
    • heaven (in the sense of cosmic energies) and
    • earth called telluric energies (from the Latin tellus, meaning earth).

Energy is constantly transformed and flowing within each of us, and it also flows in and out of each of us.

Ayurveda also has energy points known as marma points that correlate highly with acupuncture points, and energy channels called nadis.

There are also chakras, or energetic centers. Each chakra receives and sends out energy, creating an energy distribution system not only within the body, but also between the body and our energy field. Each chakra has its own range of energy vibration that corresponds to one of the seven colors of the rainbow. Energy blockages can also occur in chakras.

It is possible to balance chakras by giving them the lacking energy. There are a number of ways to balance chakras and PHYTO5 does it with the application of certain energetic essential oils or by applying specific colored light.

Chakras are numbered from one to seven, starting at the root chakra and ending at the crown chakra. It is best to simultaneously balance chakras by pair, determined by their symmetrical position relative to the middle or heart (fourth) chakra.

Note that the sum of the paired or complementary chakras is always eight: 7 + 1, 6 + 2, and so on.

To each chakra corresponds certain organs and for some, one or two of the eight hormonal glands. The health of organs and hormonal glands depends on the energetic quality and quantity of the corresponding chakra.

A healthy hormonal system requires a healthy chakra system, thus the importance and practicality of working with light and oils to energize and balance them.

Chakras go deep into the body in a funnel shape and extend outward several inches beyond the skin level into the layers of our energy field the aura around the body.

When our energetic centers are in balance, meaning they are neither transmitting nor receiving too much or too little energy, they are in balance. This energy center balance assists in the creation of good mental, emotional, spiritual and even, physical health because each of these aspects affects all the other ones.

Each individual aura has its own blend of vibrations, energy and color combination, specific not only to each individual but also subject to changes from moment to moment and particularly according to emotions felt.

The closer we live to nature or in harmony with it, our energy fields and centers align to the energies of the earth and we consequently experience more balance and better health. Because of the challenges our current modern world presents to us, we must find ways to ensure our chakra system stays in balance. Be sure to read Tips for Balancing Your Centers to discover a whole host of ways to do this!


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