The BLOCKbuster Show featuring Gerald Savage with Sound Pill

InShallah Ashe’ Blessings to you!! This week I have a unique guest that brings the innovative and unique pill of Sound. If you would like to be on the show fill out the form here:


You can find Gerald at:


🌈Ready to Upcycle your B’ing with 6 Natural Resources?

In my program ,the Balance of B’ing, the Natural Resources we will cover are your Attitude, the way you Breathe, Movement, Nutrition and the way you handle Rest & Solitude. Practicing these “Six Energy” skills activates your Vital Resources, providing an influx of life giving energy to think, feel and do.

YOU decide daily, after all, how well you want to be. 🌈Learn more about Balance of B’ing here -


Connect and utilize your Energy Body and Discover the Inner Healer in you!


✨Join my energetic program -The Energy Body Demystified!


✨In this program I am going to teach you more tools, applications and techniques to really understand the Energy World in a very deep altruistic way.


✨Every Stage you will uncover and discover new material on how to use energy, how to shift it in your life and how to make a positive change for you.

💜Join The Energy Body Demystified here -


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