Meet Me for Coffee: Jen Sankey, Stardust Wanderer Tarot

Meet Jen Sankey, Stardust Wanderer Tarot. Jen Sankey is a tarot reader, author, energy healer, professional witch, and teacher with a few other modalities sprinkled on top. She’s been slinging cards since she bought a deck with her babysitting money when she was fourteen. Tarot has been a big part of her life ever since. Helping others through tarot and teaching is something Jen loves to be a part of. If not lost in a pile of decks, she’s talking to the moon and doing candle spells or lost in a pile of tea leaves. Jen was featured in many publications and regularly contributes to The Cartomancer Magazine and their Social Media Sorceress. She is currently creating her tarot deck, Stardust Wanderer Tarot, and a few other projects to be announced soon. Check out more from Jen Sankey here.


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